oh ladies and gentelmen (if there are any left), my heart is broken once again

I can't say it's completely broken this time around, because I wasn't officially in LOVE (whatever that means). But, I am indeed hurt, very hurt. I feel stupid, who doesn't feel stupid after they get broken up with ? Let me tell the story.

To start this story off, my sister goes to night clubs a lot (she's 21) and she has this specific club she goes to often and has a little "squad" that is always there with her, this squad includes a majority of guys and my older cousins as well. Now I am 18 and it is legal to go clubbing in Canada at 19 (if you didn't know, I also live in Canada). My sisters 21st birthday was in september and she was going to go clubbing and do a celebration at the club and ofc I wanted to go.

bada bing bada boom, I got in (don't ask, I don't even know if I should talk about this online, idk shh) we get to the club and my sister introduces me to a bunch of people I've heard stories about. One of this guys, lets call him C, introduced himself to me and he was super cute. Small, nice hair and just very attractive (I hate gassing him, but I can't lie). Whatever, so that night I danced, hooked up with a whole random ass guy and whatever. I told my sister tho that I thought C was suppppppper sweet and I wanted him LMAO - note he's 22.

SO the next day, I was extremely hungover and wanted to die. C had followed me on ig and so did the other guy I hooked up with. I posted on my ig story this cute video of myself and I wanted the guy I hooked up w to reply to it or sum yanno (bc he was sweet) INSTEAD C replied to it was like the heart eyes or sum shit. I start talking to C and he was super nice and I liked talking to him.

We were talking for like about a month and he wanted to be my boyfriend already, but I wanted to take it slower bc i wasn't sure yet. Like I liked him, but I felt like we needed to talk longer and we weren't vibing that MUCH. He was very nice, but too nice. I'm very sarcastic, so I felt that if I said some type of joke, he'd get super sensitive and cry or sum. It was just this like off vibe I was getting, but I also liked him enough that I was willing to work with him and like we'd vibe off of each other eventually.

Move on to the weekend before halloween, we all went clubbing again. This night was an entire mess and I almost cut him off. Basically, everybody got SUPER drunk and he was dancing with this other girl and ignoring me (he still danced with me tho, I can't say he ignored me the whole night) and I got super sad and angry. I was cryinggggg, like bawling ! By the time I got home I had lost my phone, thrown up everywhere and blacked out. C apologized to me the next day after we had a small argument. We were good tho and I was still liking him a lot, I was just nervous because he did go to the club often and I couldn't go all the time yanno.

2 days after we went out on a little date. We went to the movies and watched Halloween. It was really cute and then he asked me to be his girl officially and I said yes. I liked him and I was excited. He's very different from my previous ex (who I wrote about but I think I deleted the articles, can't remember).

There was this slight issue tho. My parents are very STRICT, especially with me. They don't let me go out ever and don't trust me at ALL (don't ask me why because I still have no idea). This mans 22 years old, he can drive and yes he still lives with his parents, but he can go out as often as he pleases.I can't do that. He also worked a 7-6pm job. He also lived in another part of the city, which is like 2 hours away from where I live and it was difficult for us to see each other so often.

SO we had been dating for about a week and I saw him maybe 3 times already and it was good. Like OF COURSE I missed him, but I understood that we couldn't see each other like everyday and it was hard for us to do so. He would come over often on days he didn't work and we went out like twice. He usually drove, and maybe took the bus twice to get to my place. This past friday we were talking and I was at school. He told me he got out of work early and was like come and see me. I wanted to so badly, BUT I finished school at 3 and I wasn't going to be able to go out in the evening. Also, from my school to where he lived was 2 HOURS away and an uber cost $92 ?!??!?! I was thinking of excuses to tell my dad so I can stay later with him and we were talking and eventually I was like okay babe I can stay until 8:30 (considering the fact that he'd drive me home) and he switched moods and goes "don't come I'm not in the mood anymore, I'll talk to you later" and I was like okay wtf. It pissed me off because honestly, I don't care like if I get to see him for just an hour thats fine ! As long as I get to see him yanno.

He doesn't text me and then I'm on the bus almost home and he TEXTS ME a long paragraph on how he's sorry, but he's been to patient with me and that he can't see me is annoying him and he can't do this any longer. He broke up with me through fucking text message. TEXT MESSAGE. For the stupidest reason EVERRRRRR. Like okay hear me out, I MISSED HIM TOO. His reason for leaving me was extremely one sided and he was acting like I didn't put any effort. I would miss school or lie to my parents just for this guy to come over. I couldn't see him so often, but I was okay with it and I was willing to work on it with him. I'm in school and thats my priority, I'm sorry if thats so bad. I know he's an adult and he's trying to idk "settle down" or whatever, but I'm still trying to get my life together and school was my focus. ALSO I remember so clearly this one time him saying to me "I'll show you what a real man can treat you like" EXCUSE ME. REAL FUCKING MEN DON'T BREAK UP WITH GIRLS THROUGH TEXT BITCH ASS.

heres my little story time and rant. I really liked this guy honestly, and I wanted us to work out. he was too busy being selfish and not understanding that relationships come with sacrifices and it's two people not just one.

If you don't agree with me lmk and we'll fight (kidding) but I'd love to hear your opinions or if anybody went through sum like this. I was honestly crying for like a day because it made me sad and I hate the feeling of being heart broken, it hurts like a bitch.

love u guys