really just want a day of pampering, but don't want to go out and spend money at a spa? well, there are always alternatives. do it at home!

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take a bubble bath or have a steamy shower!
bath time, citrus, and fun image aesthetic, glitter, and rosegold image
use a bath bomb if you're taking a bath
bath, coffee, and scrub image bath, bubbles, and girl image
scrub your body
autumn, fall, and candle image candle, autumn, and pumpkin image
light a candle
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listen to music
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put on a face mask
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do your own nails. cut your nails or glue on some fake ones. file them and then paint them if you want. watch a tutorial on how to paint them properly or if you want to make your nails look like something specific. you don't have to go to the salon to get them done!

anything left out is pretty obvious, but anyways... that's it! hope you enjoyed this article :))