Let's use social media as an actual social tool and connect hearters from all over the world!!!

Last year I organized an international Christmas gift exchange it was an OVERWHELMING success! I was so happy and proud to see girls connecting from all around the globe in the Christmas spirit to share love with a random stranger, and we actually became a little family!

Now is your chance to be a part of a wild initiative and meet other people from all over the world in this clothing swap! Let's make this the start of a movement, uniting girls (and guys) because the fun in life is in friendships and connections with others.

First a clothing swap, then maybe another gift exchange, maybe a book exchange or chocolate exchange! who knows how many great ideas can come out of this <3 <3

WANNA BE A PART OF THIS?? Simply heart this article, send me a message on WHI or IG (@rebeccactually) so I can formulate a list and we can get this going!

If you like this idea or have any other suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear from you! Follow me on IG (@rebeccactually) and send me your suggestions <3

much love chicas and i can't wait!!