Hello hello! I am back with another article.
First of all, THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME! I never thought I could be as happy as I am when I open WHI, and that's because of you. When you like what I post and when I talk to you, that's the best part of my day and leaves a smile on my face.
So, since I am close to 4,0K followers and it's been like almost 4 years since I joined this app, I'm going to share something personal about me and that is: My Top 10 Favorite Books. (might not be super personal to you, but to me it is).

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So, this is kind of a hard task, because I'm a bookworm and I have read a lot of books,but I'll do my best. So, from least favorite to Favorite we have:

10: Eragon

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Altough I love Eragon and it's world and kind of wish they made the rest of the movies, Eragon is last in my list. Compared to the others, I look back and realize that, although I was lost too, I wasn't lost at all, which happened to me in the other books. But it's amazing anyway and deserves the place in my list.

9: The Choice/ Uma Escolha Por Amor

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Definitely deserves to be in my list. It was an amazing book, with a loving and touching story and you can actually live and feel what the characters are feeling because they are super relatable. Definitely 10/10 and 100% recommend.

8: A Walk To Remember/ Um Momento Inesquecível

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I don't even know how to describe this book. I think it was one of the few books that made me cry. Once again, Nicholas Sparks didn't disappoint me. Plus, when I found out this book was incredibily personal to him, I loved it even more. It was super sad but lovable and made me realize that maybe the person leaves, but the love and the happy memories stay forever.

7: One Of Us Is Lying/ Um De Nós Mente

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To be honest, I was kind of hesitant with this book. A friend offered it to me and I was like: "Okay. It's different of what I usually read, but I need to be open minded". And this book blew me away. I read it so fast that I didn't even realize I was finishing it until it was done. It is super relatable, specially because I am also in highschool, and super intriguing and captivating. I promise that once you pick it up, you won't be able to let it go.

6: Trust Me/ Confia Em Mim

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(Couldn't find a picture of the book). So, this book is about family and the difficulties that it brings. But it also talks about a disgusting and super sick action that I don't want to believe it's true. I can pretty much say that I felt sick while reading certain parts of the book. But it taught me to never take things for granted and to enjoy the time I spend with my sibling, because everything can change in a minute.

5: Hope/ De Amor E Sangue

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I remember reading this book and thinking that it was so amazing and so well written and, although it is a romance, it also talks about war and adultery and a homossexual relationship that was forbidden. It truly is a life changing book that I will probably read again.

4: Me Before You

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To be fair, I knew what was going to happen, because I saw the movie first at a friends house and I loved it, but I got the book very recently. Even though I knew the ending, I felt every single thing the characters felt: their happiness, their sadness, their anguish, their hope and their love. It made me believe in love and how it can bring us joy, but it also made me see that it can't change my goals and destroy my motivation for what I want in life.

3: Love, Simon/ Com Amor, Simon

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Again, just like Me Before You, I saw the movie first at the same friends house. It made me fall in love right away and kind of wish for a gay friend (that's stupid, but let's accept it and move on). With the book, however, I saw a side of Simon I hadn't captured in the film. It made me fall in love even more and the detail in the book about his relationship with his friends and boyfriend are just too damn real. I wanted to be their friend. And it was super close to making me cry because of the cuteness. Plus, I woke up earlier in a school morning to finish the book :D.

2: The Lucky One/ Um Homem Com Sorte

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So, what can I say about this book? I read it SO FAST that I don't think I have words to describe it. I felt so joyful while reading it and I couldn't put it down for a second. It was one of the best books I have ever read and I 100% recommend for those who love romances like me.

Honorable Mentions

Before saying which is my favorite book, I think I'll say a few books that I loved to read, but don't think they belong in the list:

  • The Last Song/ Melodia Do Adeus;
  • The Longest Ride/ Uma Vida Ao Teu Lado;
  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower/ As Vantagens De Ser Invisível;
  • Midnight Sun/ Amar-te À Meia-Noite;
  • Marley And Me/ Marley E Eu;
  • 13 Reasons Why/ Por 13 Razões.
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1: Safe Haven/ Um Refúgio Para A Vida

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Finally, the last one, or should I say, my favorite book: Safe Haven. I can't say with 100% certainty that it is my favorite, but it's the one I'll go back too everytime I feel like something is missing in my life. It is an amazing book and I kinda believe that the movie made somehow justice to the book and it's true emotions. I felt super touched and in love and, again, realized what some women suffer through their lives and can't escape from it. It's THE book that definitely changed me and I am forever thankful for reading it. 2000000% recommend with no regrets and no shadow of doubt.

So, there you have it. It is a long but super personal article that was made with lots of dedication, patience and love for you, my friends and followers, to get to know me more and a little better.
Also, I know that 4 books on my list and 2 honorable mentions are from Nicholas Sparks but can you blame me? He is an amazing author and I aspire to write as well as he does.
Love you all so much and can't wait for the next article. If you want to talk about books or say something about these ones, know that I am just a message away. <3