New York City, Tokyo, London, Paris, Chicago, Madrid, Rome.

How is it like living in a city? When you think of cities the first things that might come to mind are traffic, meetings, stress, pollution... You could think of all that and more, cities have millions of negative aspects but you know what? That is life. Cities are life.

While walking through the streets of NYC, for example, you can see tons of people going from one place to another, always in a hurry. You can walk through Central Park and see people going for a peaceful walk, having a picnic or a family giving some bread to the ducks. Everyone together in the same city but so far away from each other. Maybe they've even cross each other several times before but they aren't able to remember each other. Everything is different, everyone is different, there is diversity. Men, women, american, french, japanese, tall, short, young, old. Everyone is different but the same. That is the key.

When I was a kid I used to walk through the streets of Madrid with my best friend wondering who the people we saw were or how their lives might be. We let our imagination run free and made up our own stories about people we didn't even know. We were just kids in a world where everything seemed so perfect and  big. Our neighborhood was the biggest thing on Earth and you could even get lost in there. The supermarket where you went with your mom to buy groceries was awfully big and tricky so you would get lost there, too. But then you grow and things start to be important, responsibilities start to appear and then , just then, we start to see cities as stressful places and wished we were in the countryside. They aren't so big anymore, and some times they are even claustrophobic. Having the need of going to the countryside and breathing fresh air is always present. But why?

We are always so worried, so stressed trying to complete our tight timetables that we don't stop to think for a second what we are doing with our lives. What is it all about? Where do we live, who do we know, what do we like, who are we? So I asked all these questions to myself and I finally arrived to a conclusion. And I have to thank cities for that. I found  my answer to life there.

Since I was a kid I loved cities, as I loved Madrid, where I lived. I've traveled a lot with my parents, visiting many cities around the world and falling in love with each of them. Then growing up, I loved meeting my friends in the city and getting advantage of the thousands of thing you can do there. I grew up in a city, being a city girl and loving it. And now that I have to imagine how my life will be when I finish studying, I imagine it in a city.

Being stuck in traffic, taking the subway, going for walks in the park, living surrounded by strangers, walking through the streets, hearing different languages spoken by different people, having fun with family and friends. All we need is to find beauty in what is around us, it doesn't matter if it is a city, a mountain or a beach. There is beauty everywhere, and with beauty life is more colorful. Enjoy it because that is the only thing you have, your life. And always remember that you only get to live it once.