hii loves! Thanks for reading my article!

i'm sorry i haven't been uploading much this week. For this article are my fall favorites, things i'm loving at the moment, hope you like it!

shows & music

american horror story: apocaphypse

american, apocalypse, and horror image cody fern, michael langdon, and ahs apocalypse image actor, actress, and beautiful image Mature image
I love love love murder house and coven, so this season i'm obsessed seen everything again, and i find it really interesting, michael is really cute tho & Madison Montgomery's style is everything

parks and recreation

lonely, quotes, and funny image quotes, stupid, and funny image
if you haven't watch it i strongly recommend it, it's like the office, kinda the same humor, it's so f-ing amazing seriously.

the chilling adventures of sabrina

sabrina, adventures, and caos image goblin, magic, and salem image

without me Halsey
thank u, next Ariana Grande
when the party's over Billie Eilish
Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood
Lurk: The Neighbourhood
and pretty much everything by the neighbourhood, imagine dragons & the 1975. I'm gonna do playlist soon!


face masks

Temporarily removed girl, friends, and beauty image
since is getting cold, my skin is getting really dry so i've been doing face mask 2 - 3 times a week and ive seen a really positive change in my face

rose water

Temporarily removed rose, white, and beauty image
great for dry skin! and it smells so good too

nude long nails

Inspiring Image on We Heart It nails, Nude, and ring image
i've always been a fan of short and dark nails, but lately i think long nails with pastel colors or nude looks so cute

Candice swanepoel makeup vogue video

beautiful, beauty, and blonde image fashion and candice swanepoel image
vogue on youtube uploaded her makeup routine!


mini skirt +boots

Temporarily removed beauty, boots, and clothes image


Fila, shoes, and sneakers image fashion, style, and outfit image


vanilla candles

book, candle, and tumblr image Temporarily removed

I think that's it, this was supposed to be a october favorites, but i added new things i enjoy! Hope you like it.

As usual, you can always message me to talk, recommend me something, ask for advice or just be friends!!