You speak of him like he's the best.
And for him you will never never rest.
You stay awake and think all night.
Without him your have loneliness by your side.
He didn't put the stars in the sky.
And the sun shines without him by your side.
The moon still raises every day.
And tree's still make you cry all day.
The earth is as beautiful as can be.
And the views are breathtaking that's the tea.
So people ask me why is he special?
If the suns the same , the moon still shines the star will shoot with no doubt and the pain in your heart will still continue through love and pain we'll all be final, that one little object will still make you smile.
But you don't get it do you know.
For when he isn't here with me, those things that make no sense,
Like why for when he isn't here, the sun is dim and not so clear.
The moon still shines but not the same
And the stars will shoot but with no rain
The booming noise of thunder struck and the pouring rain will give you luck,
For when he isn't here the view isn't breathtaking
And my love for you will be mistaken,
For yet i'm so young but i feel this way
spending my time on a get away
And yet you linger in my mind
I don't want to be without you when you're by my side.
And all i need is a second with you
to make me smile or make me laugh
and your smile
that damned smile can light the world on fire
I know all of your stupid quirks
Your tall and that i sometimes hate
it makes me feel petite yet safe
And how easily you can calm me down
By holding on and letting me back down
From when i'm burning up inside
You cool it down and make me smile
A second with you is all i need.
A look in those cinnamon brown eyes is all i want
A second with you is all i crave and a moment with you is like a gaze

So thanks for sticking by my side, i'll love you forever until i die.