˗ ˏ ˋ Hi everyone! ˎ ˊ ˗

Today I'm gonna share my indie playlist with you. I'm a huge fan of indie / alternative music and I made a huge playlist for it and when I say huge, I mean huge. It currently has around 400 songs in it. They are all indie / alternative, so if you are a fan of it you should definitely check it out! Even if you aren't, just give it a listen because you might love it :)

Now usually i share a few songs from the playlist I post, but since this has so many songs I'm not going to. I'm gonna drop the link to my spotify playlist right here:


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That was it for this article, hope you liked it!

-`ღ´- Love, Mara (@indigoIights)

ps. I wanna thank you all for those who followed me or my playlists on spotify! It really means alot to me and I love that you like the playlists I create!