Heya, all!
My name is Alexa and I study Medical Sciences. I thought about writing something about me, in hopes that it will motivate me to achieve my goals and keep being focused on what I need to do.
As a student, I face with a lot of deadlines, stress and self-doubt. The career path that I want to pursue is not making my situation easier either, so most of the times I find it hard to start studying and working for my exams and coursework. Just writing this gives me a bit o a purpose and satisfaction and I hope that some of you would feel the same way and accompany me in this journey towards achieved goals, happiness and hard work. I will try and write as often as possible and share with you bits of my days, weeks, months. If any of you have a suggestion about what should I write or have any questions, or simply just need to talk with a friend, please don't hesitate to message me.
See ya soon,