I decided to write today about my experiance in a middle school dorm. So first of all, I´m now in the third grade, so there is just one more year left of middle school and the dorm. And I think I could start from the begining.
I got to the dorm one day before the first day of school. I was really happy to meet my classmates and all the other people. So the first thing we did, was introducing ourselfs to one another. We even got the best teacher in the dorm for our group. The next few days, weeks even months, were pretty cool and full of you, but then the winter came and the other teachers and classmates were starting to show to me their real sides. I was shocked. And this is the time I realised, how I can´t trust anyone. Then the school year ended and the vacation began. I did all the little and big things I enjoy doing, so I could go all happy and ready fort he new school year to the dorm.
The second year was actually pretty great, until january. Then I have won on a school competition in understanding german language and I have qualified to the national competition. My friend-classmate was on the outside verry happy for me, but on the inside she was´t. I really thouht she was my real friend, but I was mistaken and heard her and another classmate, talking down on me, behind my back. I cried all night and couldn´t help myself. The next day we had a big fight in our class and everyone was shocked. But at that time she was dead to me as a friend. Of course in class I had to be like yes I know you and we are BFFs, but outside school, she was like a stranger to me. After winnig a trip to Germany for one month, I decided to let the past be the past, and focus on now. I had the best time of my life in Germany, and there I found new friends from all over the world. But that great time had to come to an end.

I discovered that I could have depression at the ond of the summer. And so am I now in the third grade. It is just too much to learn in school. And the depression isn´t really helping me to deal with all the stress and studying. So my grades have dropped, but I am still satisfied with them. My teacher in the dorm has broke his leg, and now we have a new one. He is a total jerk. Literally. We can´t do anything. Our freetime is now not anymore our freetime. We allways have to tell him what we gonna do, just like in a prison.
But after all that negativity I try to stay healthy, happy and the most important thing: not to care too much about others. It is okey to care once just a little more for yourself, than care for others.