hey everyone, here are some makeup looks that don't require much effort or time and can be achieved by anyone!

โœฌ bb cream, mascara, nude lipstick
nude lipstick or lipgloss is such a quick way to look like you've put a lot of effort into your makeup, when it's actually so simple and easy

girl, makeup, and beauty image makeup, mac, and lipstick image
my favourite nude lipstick is velvet teddy by mac

โœฌ concealer, eyeshadow, blusher
if I'm short on time, I'll always pick blusher over bronzer because it makes your face look much healthier and lively

girl, beauty, and lips image Image removed

โœฌ foundation, brows, lashes
do you do your face makeup or eyebrows first?

eye, eyebrows, and shadow image Image by Fernanda Fรฉlix

thanks for reading!

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