High heels empower women in a way.
― Christian Louboutin

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In today's article, I'm going to be giving you tips on how to slay when you wear high heels. Your days wobbling when you put on heels are over. Now, pull out your notepads and read closely.

Mastering the art of high heels: Beginners tips

First and foremost, to learn how to walk on heels, we need to find the actual heels. If you're a beginner, you can't just pick a random pair of super high, stiletto heels and expect to catwalk the moment you put them on. You start low and you continue higher as you learn.

What is the perfect heel for beginners?

Just three qualities:

  • It should fit you perfectly.
  • It should have a chunky (and preferably low) heel (learn from my mistakes, people).
  • I'd recommend you invest into good quality heels. It's insanely easy to get blisters from cheap shoes in general.
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Low, chunky heels are beautiful and more comfortable.

Now what?

Once you've purchased your trusty heels, it's time to bust them out and break into them. How? you may ask. Put them on and start practicing.
Wear them around the house for at least 2 hours a day. Don't go overboard with the practicing though, because you will end up with sore and tired feet.

1 | Stand up with your heels on

Wearing heels shifts your center of gravity and the foreign feeling causes you to unconsciously arch your lower back. Try and keep your back straight, your shoulders back and down and your arms relaxed. Pay attention to your posture to avoid slouching and soon, it'll become natural. If you're having difficulties, try sucking your belly button in and watch the miracle happen.

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2 | Start walking in small steps

You might be doing the same thing you always do when on flats, but walking and walking on high heels are two completely different things. If that wasn't the case then we would all be pros at walking on heels. Try to imitate the way you walk and don't bend your knees more than you normally would. Walking on high heels might be different from walking, but you still want to look natural with your heels on, like they're a part of you.

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Remember, start small and lengthen your strides over time as you learn.

3 | Heel first, then toe

It might seem like a weird advice to you, because that's how you usually walk, but, once you put your heels on, you will understand. Beginners have a tendency to walk on their toes when wearing heels, a tendency which might cause them to tumble over and give a kiss to the floor.

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4 | Walk along a straight line

Now that you can easily walk around on your high heels without breaking something (and I'm not talking about your heels) it's the perfect time to step it up. Walking along a straight line, otherwise known as catwalking, is not an easy feat. Make sure you place one foot directly in front of the other, with your toes pointed straight ahead. Practice in front of a mirror to avoid looking down whilst you walk.

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5 | Take your heels out for a spin

Try walking on as many different surfaces as you can. Start easy by walking around your house and then step it out by strolling around your neighborhood or a nearby park. Practice walking with your heels around different and uneven surfaces to always be prepared.

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And there you have it. If you keep practicing, you will become a pro at this in no time. Thank me later.

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