I am really hungry right now haha and since I love food like everyone else; I´m really excited to share my favourite dishes and meals with you!


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Ceasar salad

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Potato fries

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With sour cream


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in a salad, in wraps e.g

Indian dishes

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curry, chicken masalla is the beeest. My favourite restaurants to go to are literally indian restaurants haha.

vegetable pancakes

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I don´t think they are that well known outside of Germany but they are super yummy!

Soups with bread

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lentil soups, pumpkin soups, green soups with cucumber, zucchini, peas..

rice pans

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not particularly rice, I also like: bulgur, millet with chicken and vegetables e.g

Vegetarian lasagna

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russian dumplings

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pelmeni, piroggi


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especially fish fingers, fish filet, fish sandwich


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That´s it :) as you could probably tell I am not a big pizza and burger lover.