Name: Anthea Blossom

Born: 30.5.
Sign: Gemini


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Brown/hazel eyes and long brown hair


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Creative, kind, ambitious, sarcastic and intelligent

Blood status

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hazel wood with a Unicorn hair core, unbending flexibility


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a swan


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she has a white cat called Jupiter <3

Yule ball

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She wears a red dress, curls her hair and attends with her slytherin boyfriend

Favourite charms

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Favourite classes

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charms and astronomy, but also alchemy

Best friends

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Luna and Cho and other ravenclaws are her best friends. She is friends with Hermione, and they love to chat about school since they're both smart. Draco is one of her best childhood friends because their families are so close.


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Her mother is from slytherin and her dad is from ravenclaw. Her older brother and little sister are both slytherins.

Thank you all for reading! <3 xx