Hello bears! Today I'm making a blog all about the songs that keep replaying in my head all the time. I listen to pretty much everything from K-pop to rock so you guys are going to see a lot of genres. Hope you like them!

Dayglow- Hot Rod

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"Take back all that I ever was. It was only just a face."

demxntia- Disappear

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"I don't remember the last time I smiled."

DEAN x Sulli x Red Museum- dayfly

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"I’m too weak to face reality. I look away, but there’s no use. I’m close to dying. As I face an endless day."

Kris Wu- November Rain

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"November rain just made me feel so lonely."

Day6- Chocolate

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"I know I should stop. But I can’t stop thinking. I like you more and more. You’re sweeter the more I think about it. I know you are more sweet than chocolate."

Bohnes- Coffins

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"When I was younger, I used to pray that my life was more than some of my mistakes."

Crush- none

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"When I think of you, my heart aches. You’re so annoyingly beautiful. With no mercy, you stole my heart."

FINNEAS- Let's Fall In Love For The Night

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"Let's fall in love for the night and forget in the morning."

The Rose- She's In The Rain

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"You want to hurt yourself I'll stay with you. You want to make yourself go through the pain. It's better to be held than holding on."

Jackson Wang ft. Gucci Mane- Different Game

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"You can try to stop me but I'm in a different game."

Tiffany Young- Teach You

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"I used to love you now I'm busy pouring bleach on your clothes."

Anne-Marie- Perfect to Me

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"I'm ok with not being perfect cause that's perfect to me."

TWICE- Yes or Yes

twice image
"Choose only one of the two: YES or YES."

Confetti- People Suck

Mature image
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out today. See, there's so many stupid people, and they always in the way. I hate people, I hate people 'cause people suck, man. People suck, and they keep on fucking sucking."

Snow Tha Product- Today I Decided

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"I know exactly what I represent. And any lil bitch that was that quick to switch up. All of you deserve what the fuck you gon' get."

The Black Eyed Peas ft. CL- DOPENESS

2ne1, CL, and the black eyed peas image
"Started from the bottom, now I'm outta here."

Kim Dong Han- Goodnight Kiss

kim dong han, k-pop, and 김동한 image
"You’re like a moonlight. But why don’t you know my heart?"

Jessi- Spirit Animal

jessi, kpop, and jessica ho image
"My momma says I'm pretty. Yo momma she's a fan bitch."

MONSTA X- Shoot Out

Image by Rita🧸
"Excuse me, I’m walkin’ like zombie. I’m half dead, crazy and jumpin’."

APRIL- Oh! my mistake

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"My face turns red in front of that special someone."

Thank you for reading!