I remember those playlists we used to have every month.
Every song we discovered making us feel the rush,
the happiness we were feeling at that certain moment, days, and month.
We would saved them in a little box,
tagged them with a name describing our process in life in that time.
"yellow month"
"winter love"
"pumpkin feeling"

And we would be just adding songs, until th month ended.
25 songs.

Every month was new,
new experiences,
new laughs.
new tears,
new places, and lovers.

books, boy, and colour image

But everything ends.
And those little boxes stopped,
you stopped,
and I just left there, waiting for you to star the new box.
But you never came.

So I left it aside, and got a new little box,
making the process slowly,
waiting for you,
listening to songs, adding the ones I love,
adding the ones you would love that month,
but you never came.

And I'm still adding songs non.stop,
and I haven't change of box,
and I haven't tag it yet,
"my home"
"on my own"

but none of that names were permanent.

Months have passed, but there aren't new boxes,
but there are new songs,
159 songs.
and counting.