he starts reading her letter

《Hey honey,
I'm writing you this letter cause that's thanks to u if I feel lucky to live the life I'm leaving. I only realized it this morning playing with your fluffy hair, watching u sleeping near me, your cute face that I kissed. My little baby I thought. The best thing is that i realized it near u. Whithout meeting u i wouldn't enjoy my life that much. Your smile, your laugh, your jokes, your tenderness that's what make my life special and exciting. You're so kind and cute but also so careful and attractive. I love your eyes on mine, your gentle kisses, your hands in mine, touching your hair, your breath on me, your hugs, your voice.... I can go on but there isn't enough space here. All the new experiences together, I'm looking forward the next. What can I do without u? Please let's stay like this. I need u, I want u. Forever. That's how loving someone so much is right?
I'm dreaming me and u hands in hands walking on the path we made together to a perfect future. I cried writing this letter, hahaha how stupid, but that's how I really feel and I wanted to share it with the beautiful person I love. Thanks for making my life full of happiness, simply thanks for existing.

Your forever,

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On the inside a photo of them
Tae cries so bad
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tae *which is her power?!? I didn't cry for such a long time... don't worry Dree how can I not love u? I love u I can burst
Tae sends her an sms

Tae: hey dree I just read your letter and cried. I didn't cry for such a long time.... That's the proof I sincerely love u. I'll always love u. I'm serious. You'll always be by my side even if when we're apart. Now I'm taking the plane, see u soon. ❤

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Au read *I'm so happy I want to scream

Iu: today it's difficult without them
Au: and it's only the beginning

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Tae sends her photos: I already miss u

Au: me too
Tae: can we have a video call?
Au: yes

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Tae: How are u doin?

Au: all okay, u? Are u tired?
Tae: a bit... and it's the first...
Au: fight on!
Tae: hahaha yeah
Au:please send more photos
Tae: of course! Listen, which song do u think it is?
Au: ahhh that's my voice!! You recorded me!
Tae: of course if not how could I live now?
Au: that's the same for me
Tae: ah now I have to go... I'm happy to see u pretty as always
Au: thanks same for u, bye bye

also jk and iu call
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Jk: so happy to see u again!!

Iu: hey
Jk: hey, I wanted so bad to hear again your voice
Iu: I miss u too
Jk: sorry for not sending photos I wanted to that now
Iu: ok I want to see!
Jk: here it's funny but tiring too
Iu: ah give it all!!
Jk: I'll do my best
Iu: I like that part of u
Jk: me too
Iu: me too what?
Jk: hahahaha in the sense that I like u
Iu: I'm happy to hear it
Jk: now I have to go bye...
Iu: bye bye my boy
Jk surprised *I'm her boy!!!

then iu calls Audrey

Iu: have u heard that they're going to the disco tomorrow?
Au:ah yes
Iu: don't u think that if they're going to have fun we have to?
Au: yeah how?
Iu: let's have a party with bkackpink
Au: good idea!! They're so funny!
Iu: and we can also ask Jennie about rm

To be continued...