What each color means to me?Let's see!!!


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The red color is one of my favorites colors.When I see red I thinking something so beautiful, like roses.And when I wear red clothes I feel great and "beautiful" .


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I love white is a unique and "easy" color.I like everything white and especially the white flowers and clothes.I think so white is a "magical" color.


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Oh!!!I can't see it makes me sad .I like to see it in animals and clothes but no in decoration or generally somewhere in my routine.I can't live with dark colors .I am "friend" of the light colors.


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I like too much blue but more light blue.For me is a dream color ,if I see it all day I'll want and more and more and more...I haven't "many" blue clothes because it doesn't suit me but I love it.


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Almost all my clothes are pink.Is the cutest color of all.I always want to see and wear pink .Makes me happy and gives me more inspiration and positive thoughts .Is one of the best colors .


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Amazing color !!!!I can't say "I love it"but i like to wear and see it but no something particular.Just I like it.


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I like green very much ,maybe because I like countryside,nature.This color makes me feel peaceful and carefree.In clothes I prepare it in light tones.But always is amazing !!!!!!!


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The last color that I'll show you today is purple my favorite!!!!!I love purple as is it.I have purple clothes,makeup,books ...But dark purple is fantastic.This color travels me and makes me feel good .I also like purple flowers like lavender.