these are completley my opinion!

Nightmare 2017

Welcome to Dream (intro)
Chase Me
소원 하나 (Emotion)
Chase Me (Inst.)

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When I say this was hard I literally thought about this for like an hour. It was hard to just choose one member but somehow I maanged to?


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It's harder than you think to find gifs lol. But overall Yoohyeon stood out the most to me during this era. Not only in the Chase Me MV but also in their song Emotion, this era is actually when she became my bias.

Fall asleep in the mirror 2017

My Toys (Intro)
Good Night

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THIS ERA IS PROBABLY MY FAV OMG. Goodnight and Lullaby are both such bops :( The mv was literal perfection and their outfits and stage performances omggggg.


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Once again another hard decison because all the members shine in each era in their own way but Dami's rap in Good Night sold it for me.

Prequel - EP 2017

Before & After (Intro)
날아올라 (Fly High)
Wake Up
괜찮아! (Trust Me / It's Okay!)
날아올라 (Fly High) [Inst.]

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I loved this era so much :( their outfits in the Fly High mv were everything like can we take a moment? And Wake Up literally my fav song of all time like they went OFF in Wake Up, I wish there was a mv but oh well :)


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I loved her part in the Fly High MV and her part in Wake Up.

Full Moon 2018

Full Moon
Full Moon (Inst.)

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sorry I couldn't find a dance practice gif for Full Moon on whi but I did find this cute gif of all the members.The Full Moon era was short but still great :)


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SUAAA what a goddess. This was her best era imo because of her part in Full Moon and she looked SO good in the dance practice!

Nightmare — Escape the ERA 2018

Inside-Outside (Intro)
어느 별 (Which Star)
Scar (이 더럽고도 추한...)
YOU AND I (Inst.)

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WHAT AN ERA. Only bops :)


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I had to choose Yoohyeon again her iconic silver hair and her solo part in the You and I MV like YES.

Alone In The City 2018

약속해 우리 (July 7th)
What (Inst.)

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I'll never get over this era. So iconic.


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Handong literally became my bias wrecker after the What era. HAVE U SEEN HER IN THE MV AND ON STAGE OMG. Idk like this was just HER era. It was almost a tie between her and dami but overall I feel that she really shined.

So that was all the eras (albums) so far I can't to hear even more from them in the future. If you haven't already please check out their music and stream their newest MV What on Youtube!

thanks for reading!

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