Some clothing items are just truly essential. Here are some pieces I wear very often, and always get compliments on, that I think EVERY girl should have!

1. A black and white striped long sleeve shirt

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This is SUCH an important piece because it looks cute by itself, is super easy to layer, and is soooooo versatile. It helps dress up a tee shirt, and also allows you to wear your favorite tee shirts year round. PLUS it is fun to play with patterns and styles!

2. A bold colored sweater!

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This piece is essential to fall/winter because it will make you seem very trendy, and it is also very easy to style. As well as this, it is unique, so you will get a lot of compliments on it!

3. A pair of patterned pants/trousers!

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These are amazing because they are a step up from jeans or leggings, but they are just as comfy. They are very easy to style, super trendy, and amazing for allll season. PLUS they give off a cool retro vibe

4. A Monochromatic Outfit!

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While this isn't necessarily a piece, it is a very important thing to have in your closet. It makes getting dressed a no brainer, and it looks so put together and trendy!

5. A cute patterned dress!

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This is super important because dresses can be soo versatile. Also, it is a lot of fun to play with patterns and colors. This would be a good item to pair with your black and white long sleeve shirt!

6. A denim jacket!

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A denim jacket is crazy important. It is awesome to layer, and it is also warm! It creates a cool retro look, and it also helps make ANY outfit look more put together. It also can be fun to wear a Canadian Tuxedo every once in a while

7. A good pair of high waisted jeans!

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High waisted jeans are sooooo flattering, and they are so easy to style. They are especially nice for school, because they allow you to wear crop tops without your stomach hanging out.

8. A cute pair of boots!

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These are great for winter and fall, and statement pieces are so easy to style! A nice trendy pair of boots will make your outfit seems so much more put together and nice!

9. A pair of retro / big tennis shoes!

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Everyone who's someone in fashion owns a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. Bonus Points if they look retro. Big tennis shoes are backs, thanks to the 80s and 90s. So if you want to look trendy and on point, invest in a pair of big, retro high tops!

Will be adding more soon :))))))))