All around us are so many advices on how to choose friends. It is always said that friends should always find time for you, always be there when you need them and basically - you should be their priority.

Now, let's look at this realistically. Most people have more than one person in their life they call a "friend". Therefore, all of them at once, by no means, can be a priority.
We have to choose, no matter how unpleasant and disrespectful it feels. Over time, we realize that some of the friends have greater meaning in our lives than others. Maybe we know, who is the one and only friend, whose call would be more important, maybe there are a couple of them. In any case, there are still some people, who just don't matter as much.
And if we are on the other side of this - realizing that we just aren't as significant as we wanted to be, is bound to feel bitter. But it's quite silly to cut these people out of our lives.

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Don't be someone's "sometimes". Of course, it sounds like an amazing advice. You're worth more than just some messages, coffee talks once a month, not being sure if they would help you when needed. But really - where does it leave you?
Allegedly, you have one "true" friend, who would do anything for you and vice versa. Also, you have three "coffee talk" friends. With each of them you probably meet up once a month, while all the other time you spend with your best friend, the one who matters the most. Imagine, if you cut those three friends out of your life. You probably now have less adventures in your life, less comunication with people, less going out. Because your best friend sometimes is busy, too. Probably, going out with not-as-significant friends.
What I'm trying to say - go and be someone's "sometimes". Because those "sometimes" can make memories that will make you smile even when that person is long gone from your life.

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However, you have to perceive, when it has gone too far. When you're the only one calling. When you're the only one giving. When you're feeling drained.

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As things go, the main thing that matters is whether you're having a good time or not.