So today I had such a Christmas - feeling.
i got mulled wine, selected a Christmas movie and stzarted to bake my favorite sweets. BLONDIES.

They are like brownies only with white chocolate and raspberries.
They are really sweet and chewy.

You need:
300g white chocolate
160g butter

1 tbsp vanilla sugar
1 tsp salt
3 eggs (room temperature)

90g sugar
220g flour

white chocolate chips

1st: Set the oven for 145°C circulating heat
2st: Melt the chocolate and butter in water bath
3rd: stir up the eggs with the vanilla sugar and salt
4th: put the sugar and flour in a big bowl and start to mix it with the chocolate, butter, eggs, salt and vanilla sugar
5th: Prepare a form for the Blondies
6th: Put the dough into it
7th: Spread raspberries and chocolate chips on top as you see fit
8th: Put everything in the oven
9th: Wait 30 minutes (give or take, depends on the wanted texture)
10th: Let it rest (usually i like warm cake more but this one tastes so much better cold)

Hope you like it

til then
Mrs. C.