Books or movies

book, read, and milk and honey image netflix image
I love both.

Trains or plains

chance, rail, and citation image night, train, and yellow image
Trains, because I hate to fly.

Sneakers or heals

fashion, shoes, and sneakers image vans, yellow, and shoes image
Definitely Sneakers.

Winter or summer

Temporarily removed sea, Sunny, and palm image
I can’t choose.

Spring or fall

autumn, books, and cozy image autumn, fall, and leaves image
Fall because it’s so cozy.

Oceans or forests

waves, sea, and sun image summer, beach, and sea image
When I am in the ocean I feel free.

Hot dogs or pizza

Temporarily removed fancy, food, and pizza image
I love pizza.

Jeans or dress

fashion, outfit, and style image Image by || GHADIR ||
i love love love love jeans

Chocolate or vanilla

coffee, cupcakes, and food image cake, chocolate, and food image

Netflix or viaplay

netflix, game, and iphone image bed, fashion, and Prom image
Netflix because there is so many series

-Thanks for reading♥️