Song that describes how you're going to die

Whale Song - Corey Kilgannon

animal, beautiful, and black image
ocean, whale, and sea image whale, ocean, and sea image
die because of a whale would be kinda cool, tbh

Song that describes your love life

Inside Out - Camila Cabello

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Temporarily removed couple, love, and goals image
wrong, I don't have a love life

Song that will sound at your wedding

Fool - Frankie Cosmos

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wedding image Temporarily removed
ok... I guess

Add "in my pants" in the and of the title of this song

My Boy (in my pants) - Billie Eilish

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Image removed billie eilish image
oh no

Song that will play at your funeral

Knee Socks - Artic Monkeys

Temporarily removed
funeral, dj, and grunge image Image removed
I'm kinda into this idea

Song that describes your week

American Money - BØRNS

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alternate, dopamine, and grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image
not really

This song is your theme song

Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

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album, lyric, and Lyrics image aesthetic, coca-cola, and coke image
aaah I love that song

Song that you listen when you think about your crush

New Obsession - Frankie

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aesthetic image Image removed
well, it could be

Song that you listen when you miss someone

Symphony - Clean Bandit, Zara Larsson

gif, sunshine, and field image
aesthetic, field, and girl image girl, plants, and aesthetic image
love that music, but that's not true