Hey guys! Last week I published my first fashion article and some of you liked it. So here I am with the second part of ♛How to slay the 90s style.
Hope you guys like it, enjoy =)

Buffalo Shoes
Buffalo shoes were originally introduced by the Spice Girls back in the 90s. They have come a long way since then. If you are one of those people who love to stand out in the crowd,Buffalo shoes are just the thing for you. Just pair them with any outfit because they look bomb with everything.

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Pedal Pushers
Pedal pushers or capris are so vintage! Just pair them with a crop top or any other tee and voíla! Pedal pushers can make anybody look like a confused teenage girl living in the 90s.

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90s Butterfly Clips
90s butterfly clips have made a come back. Pair them with any vintage outfit,with a retro updo with the butterfly clips. Just like Lizzy. They make you look so cute and like a 90s chic.

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Cargo pants/Combat trousers
Cargo pants give out that baddie vibe with a touch of vintage. Who wouldn’t want that? Pair them with a crop top or a mesh top like in the image below. Combat Trousers are super comfy and they make you look legit confident and give that badass vibe. Find your pair of cargo or combat from this app wish. They’ve got good quality stuff and for super cheap too!

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Satin/Silk Dresses
Satin or silk dresses are a straight forward statement. They look so classy and beautiful. They have this vintage model vibe which is very hard to miss.

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Mesh Tops
Mesh tops look sooo vintage! Pair them with a bralette underneath and black jeans (if the top is black). They give out a baddie vibe no matter what kind they are of. Just go for black cat eye vintage frames with these mesh tops and voíla! Another statement outfit ready to be shown off.

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Knee High Boots
Knee High boots can make an ordinary outfit look fancy and cute. These boots can give a vintage 90s look to any outfit. White Boots are classic. Red boots look hot and suoer vintage.

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Tiny Backpacks/Fanny Packs
Tiny backpacks look soooo cute! I’m totally obsessed with them. They look cute with any outfit. Fanny packs have become a big thing this year. They look super vintage and just like the tiny backpacks, pair them with anything! Fila has cute Fanny packs and coach has some vintage backpacks too!

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Leopard Print
Leopard print is so classy, no matter whatever the item is. A scarf or a bandana or a shirt or a midi skirt or a simple leopard print dress. They look awesome with a pair of blue jeans like in the image below, or even white pants would complete the retro look. But just remember not to wear any checks under leopard print..

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Knee high socks
Knee high socks have also been able to make a come back. People all around are wearing knee high socks. Just wear an oversized sweatshirt as a dress and jump into some knee high socks n boots. There you go! A complete vintage outfit ready to be rocked. Knee high socks are a considerable factor that anybody would need to be that 80s/90s chic.

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PVC Stuff
PVC clothes aren’t just for women, even men can rock the pvc. I have seen Kylie Jenner wear PVC dresses so many times and she pulls her pvc outfit off like really well. PVC somehow brings me back to the early 90s and I think it looks really vintage. You can get some PVC pieces from wish the app that I mentioned earlier.

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Chokers are accessories that can be paired with anything and everything. They have many different types. The most vintage according to me are the Jakimac chokers. And even the ones like in the image below (lol idk what they’re called). Chokers have been a part of fashion for quite a while now. They were there back in the 90s. Every second person had these on. I highly recommend these to you.

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Last but not at all the least, we have the bandanas and scrunchies. The basic thing from the 90s. The bandanas can be worn around the neck or around the hair. They can also be used as a tank top. Scrunchies are the perfect way to look like a 90s chic and not even putting a lot of effort in your outfit.

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That’s it for this article guys! Let me know what you guys think by texting me here on whi.Here is the 1st part in case you haven’t checked it out yet.