Hello babes
I've been a little down lately for specific reasons I'm not going to share with you amazing people, I just wanted to tell you that me being down has resulted in me being less active this past week. The reason I'm going to tell you what makes me happy has to do with me being down. So the idea is quite simple I'm going to tell you what exactly makes me happy and why, and hopefully it will make me a bit happier just to think about it.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light -Dumbledore-

Yes I totally just quoted Dumbledore from Harry Potter, can you blame?

Small things


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A good book...somewhere you can that is what I love about books so much. You can forget where you are, who you are, what time and day it is. Special isn't it? When the world get too much for me, I grab a book and hide away, because in a book you become someone else.


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Lately I've been listening to 5sos a lot, I'm not a die hard fan but I'm fan over their music, that's for sure. I have been a fan since self-titled came out, but never went to a concert because I believe that there a fans that are so obsessed with them and I want them to go to the concerts and meet the boys. But music is my sweet escape, I listen to it when I'm happy, sad, angry, anxious or whatever emotion I'm feeling. Music is very important too me, because I'm always surrounded by it, always listening to it or creating it with my violin. It is something that calms me down, makes me happy. I can't live without it.


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I'm not that big of a coffee drinker, but when I'm drinking it it is probably the Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks, honestly I drink that one always. Coffee is something I drink when I'm cold or really really tired. It is something that makes me happy and I find it aesthetically pleasing.


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There will never go a day by without me drinking at least one cup of tea. Unlike coffee, tea is something that I drink every day and can't live without. It is something that calms me down, I normally drink earl grey or a green tea. I normally drink it after a hard day of work and with breakfast.


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To say I have a obsession with cinnamon is a slight understatement. I started when I bought the douchegel from treaclemoon "warm cinnamon nights" it smelled so amazing that I fell in love with it. Then my farther decided to put cinnamon in his pumpkin soup, and now I love cinnamon to much. It is something that makes me happy when it is put in soup or in cinnamon rolls and it calms me down when I'm stressed (scented candles and the douchegel). It is really weird but true.


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RAIN...I love it...the sound of it...the way it feels on your skin...the smell of rain on a summer day. Rain also calms me, it is like my worries wash away with each drop.


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Snow one of the most beautiful things this world has to offer. Looking at the way snowflakes fall is a very calming business and walking through the snow is very enjoyable. Even though I'm not a huge fan of snow, a snowstorm calms me and walking through makes me appreciate the little and beautiful this world has to offer.

Showers and baths

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Shower thoughts are the best thoughts, right? Showering and taking baths is so relaxing and makes me quite happy because I forget my worries and when I'm aching it also helps reduce the pain. When I'm not where to be found, but you're sure I'm home I'm probably taking a long, hot shower.

Being creative

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I'm working on a scrapbook (the second actually) and it is really nice to work with glue and scissors and creating a universe full of things that I like. It is a huge inspiration for me and I flick through the pages when I'm sad or need motivation to get something done.


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I love dessert...uhm I love food in general but okay. Especially chocolate and caramel fudge is something you can wake me up for. Food is something that I eat when I'm stressed or sad or when I have me period. I don't think I need to explain why food makes me so happy.

There are a lot of things that make me happy, but I thought I will only do ten before it gets to much.
I hoped you liked this article and when you have found a grammar mistake don't be afraid to tell me.

xoxo Marleen