have you ever heard someone talk to you things like "get yourself a boyfriend!", or "its, saturday night, duh!", or "get dressed properly, maybe someone would actually attracted to you." and other irritating things?

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this could be your expression

we all have, at least once i believe. lets just laugh at that.

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but then again, we all have our own reason why we chose to be single. either its because you have a painful past, or you just don't want to. and it can be annoying sometimes people talk crap about you when they don't even know what you have been through. they makes you looked pathetic, so to speak.

but you know what's more pathetic? it's when you make yourself looked like you're a pathetic-dont-have-a-boyfriend. its when you make yourself looked like you are a sad no-boyfriend girl. its when you actually admit that you are obsessed to have a boyfriend. its just shows people how much a pampered girl you are.

its okay to be sad over guys. its okay if sometimes you want someone to hold you, or taking care of you. that's just normal. but then again, your life is so much more than that. you have so many things that actually need your attention, that needs to be taken care of. you have so many things that could bring you joy. friends, family. in the mean time you'll see, its not only about boys.

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you are who you are, with or without boyfriend. you have to learn to love yourself first. if you dont love yourself, then who would? if you cant take care of yourself, then who would? you have to be grateful of what you have now. and before you ask anything else, try to develop your personality, try to be a better human being. who knows, you would meet your significant other when you are a better human being. fix yourself before you ask for more.

no need to be searching. you will find your other half in the right time, in the right place, with the right man. be strong, girls!

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be a happy, strong, beautiful girl!

remember, it is worth the wait.