Goodbye October, welcome November! A new month starts and that means it is time for new goals, so here I am sharing mine with you all.

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Before starting I wanna go through a quick recap of my October goals. How did it go?

Update my journal: [checked] I finally found the time to update my journal, my travel journal and organize my agenda
Watch two movies: Failed this one bohooo. I don’t know why I find it so hard to sit down and watch movies ;__;
Follow my workout plan/Follow my korean learning plan: I did study Korean, although I had to make some changes to my plan. As for working out… though month, didn’t really gather the energy :(
Update my instagram at least 3x: [checked]!!
Write something: [checked] I managed to write a couple of chapters of my fic and I’m really happy about that! (Look out for an article with the links if you’re into BTS ;) )
Go somewhere inspiring: I was too busy to participate to cool events, but I tried out new restaurants. Good food’s inspiring… right?
Try out a new recipe: [checked] Best chefs in the world… watch out (lol)

Read here the article that started this series:

【November 2018 Goals】

Update my instagram feed 4 times

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Watch two movies

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Let’s try again…

Be consistent with my Korean learning

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Finish the k-drama “While You Were Sleeping”

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Write at least a couple of other chapters for my fic

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Finish one of the three books I’m reading

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That's it for this month! If you want to read other articles I wrote check my collection out!
Thanks for reading, Elle ♥