I wanted to do a ABC of a few beautiful names. There are plenty beautiful names, as yours ;) I will do the more feminine ones now and more masculine as a part 2! I will chose more of those names which you don't find on a mug!

A - Adaline

meaning: nobel
details, gold, and pink image amazing, ballerina, and ballet image

B- Belle

meaning: beautiful
Temporarily removed art, flowers, and aesthetic image

C - Claudia

meaning: Lame
blue, pastel, and silk image blue, aesthetic, and flowers image

D - Delmira

meaning: noble protector
Temporarily removed Image removed

E - Erica

meaning: eternal ruler
aesthetic image Temporarily removed

F - Felicity

meaning: happy
Temporarily removed Image removed

G - Gina

meaning: well-born
fashion, necklace, and jewelry image aesthetic, caramel, and shadow image

H - Halia

meaning: remembrance of the loved ones
pink, heart, and hearts image makeup, eyeshadow, and glitter image

I - Ilma

meaning: air
cloud, clouds, and free image white, bed, and tumblr image

J - Jasmine

meaning: flower
Temporarily removed flowers, rose, and aesthetic image

K - Kasandra

meaning : unheeded prophetess
makeup, beauty, and gold image Image by cheesetoastie11

L - Lucia

meaning: Light
light, fireworks, and sparkle image dog, animal, and cute image

M - Mimosa

meaning: tree
hands, water, and aesthetic image green, palms, and nature image

N - Nova

meaning: new
stars, sky, and purple image beaches, couples, and galaxy image

O - Octavia

meaning: eight
aesthetic, food, and fruit image flowers, peach, and aesthetic image

P - Primrose

meaning: a type of flower
flowers, orange, and bouquet image fashion, style, and chanel image

Q - Quinn

meaning: Wisdom
Image removed tea, witch, and autumn image

R - Rosalinda

meaning: pretty
Temporarily removed Image removed

S - Serafina

meaning: burning once
gold image gold, hand, and aesthetic image

T - Tulia

meaning: gracious gift
concert, music, and party image pink, purple, and aesthetic image

U - Ulyana

meaning: universal ruler
book, bed, and coffee image bath, relax, and coffee image

V - Vega

meaning: eternal laws
Temporarily removed Abusive image

W - Wilma

meaning: famouse
couple, black, and glitter image Temporarily removed

X - Xabrina

meaning: from wines forest
snow, winter, and cabin image Temporarily removed

Y - Yana

meaning: Helen light
Image by sweetarl 🧡 sea, sunset, and beach image

Z - Zara

meaning: light
Temporarily removed shoes, fashion, and style image