My Top 10 Kpop Songs

  • Got7 - Fly
You’re my comfort. Every day I’m praying
You’re my comfort, up in the sky. I wanna fly above
Let me hear u say
  • Stray Kids - Voices
Don’t hear the cold voices anymore
I’m covering my ears
But it’s no use, the piercing looks
Block my way
  • BTS Jimin - Serendipity
The universe has moved for us
Without missing a single thing
Because our happiness has been planned
Cause you love me
And I love you
  • 4. The Rose - Baby
Maybe I just have to let you go
Like my broken heart
Clouds are shrouding us into the dark
  • 5. BlackPink - Stay
Before the dark night traps me in
Don’t leave me
Do you still love me? If you feel the same
Don’t leave today
Don’t ask why it has to be you
Just stay with me
  • 6. BlackPink - Forever Young
Don’t go just stay
Let’s stop time now
If I’m with you
I could die in this moment
  • 7. Exo CBX - Blooming Day
Hey there, don’t move
I’m in the middle of placing you in my eyes
I can tell you don’t hate it, that’s the key
Because at the end of a long day, I only wanna see you
  • 8. Highlight - Plz Don't Be Sad
Please don’t be sad
Baby, you’re much prettier when you smile
Don’t put on that sad face
When I see you, my heart aches so much
  • 9. iKON - Love Scenario
Sometimes, I’ll think of the memories
If you’re in it, that’s good enough for me
  • 10. JBJ - My Flower
You’re my flower
You’re my spring
Because you keep blooming
I can’t handle it, what do I do?

to be continued...