Winnie loves stuffed animals. Tatum bought her a few for her birthday and Winnie cuddles them 24/7.

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It's hard for me to grasp that our daughter is human. Yoshi is human, but I wanted our daughter to be a vampire like me. There's a higher chance of both of them being hurt. Although my dad wasn't really human and Cora killed him anyway. Fucking Cora. I hate that girl.

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I walked in our bedroom and sat down next to Yoshi on the bed. "Winnie's asleep. Next to all of her stuffed animals, of course," I told him. He put his phone down and looked at me. "She had a good birthday," he said. I nodded. "Definitely," I replied.

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Yoshi + Marnie

I hesitated before asking -"How do you feel about getting a witch to make Marnie grow like the rest of the kids?...All of them are non human...besides her..and I trust these people..I want her to be around them, but she'll grow too slow otherwise...," I explained. "Yeah...let's do it," he said. Wow. That was easy. I was already planning my argument on why we need to make this happen. "No sketchy witches. A real witch who will tell us if there are any cons, Marn," he warned. "Of course...I'll get on that soon," I said with a smile. We're giving our babygirl the best life she could possibly have.