Hi, I wanted to write a fictional friend group. Hope u like it, let's begin!

Skyler Tenders

She is 16 years old. Skyler has blue cat eyes, natural staright blonde hair and freackles. She is Cheerleader in the school. She loves dancing and painting. She has a brother. His name is Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Tenders

He is 17 years old. Brooklyn has ocean blue eyes, light brown wavy hair and pale skin. He is in the school basketball team. Brooklyn loves playing basketball and playing guitar. He is dating with Blake.

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Blake Sornbutch

She is 17 years old. Blake has blue eyes, straight black hair and pale skin. She loves writing and reading. Blake want to be a succesful journalist.She is dating with Brook.

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Edward George Reynolds

Edward is the smartest one. He is 16 years old. He has got green eyes and brown wavy hair. He is wearing a dark glasses. He is tall and thin. He loves math. He loves ride a bike.

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Diana Rosem

Diana has got red long hair and freackles. She has got big eyes. She loves singing and walking alone.

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Tom Blancee

He is 16 year old. Tom has hazel eyes, curly light brown hair and mid tone skin. He is in the school team like Brooklyn. Tom is very kind and funny person. He is crazy about dogs. He has a dog. It name is Whiskey. He wants to travel the world.

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Thanks for reading!
To be continued...