We always so driven away by the idea of loving and loved by other people.But if you are not happy with yourself how can you become happy with another people?The happiness is not from an outside factor but internal.If you start with forcing someone to love you,will never actually achieve happiness.

You know what,yes we can buy beauty,flawless skin,that hot body,but no one could buy confidence,self-esteem.

You could be the prettiest girl in the block or the hottest guy in the college but neither of that could confirm that you won’t feel insecure seeing someone prettier or hotter.

In the recent years,anytime I stalked any of my ex classmates,I always feel the urge to just swallow myself like a burrito.To compare my accomplishments to theirs.

But then,my puberty may not be as wonderful as them or my alma mater is not as famous as them but hey! let them be.It’s my freaking life.Who cares about others right.

It will take time but trust me it is worth trying and you will always feel in ease knowing you already the best version of you and there is always room for improvement but no need in comparing as the path of success is the different but the whole purpose is SAME.