hey beauties! happy sunday! i decided to write a guide to how to glo up! i’ve included 7 tips which you can use to glo up in 7 days. thank you x

1 | change your diet

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mix up your diet! try new foods and stick to more healthy foods. your skin can breakout and become oily if you eat unhealthy, fatty foods. when cooking, cook with coconut oil and choose foods that are included in your five a day!

eat more fruits and verges and less fatty foods that include salt. avoid diary, processed foods and sugary drinks to stay away from feeling bloated

2 | start working out

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small 10-30 minute workouts every day can help you loose weight and build up muscle. stretching and then doing a small workout to get your heart pumping can help if it is done correctly and if it is done frequently.

3 | keep hydrated

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there are so many benefits of drinking lots of water! a healthy person needs 30 to 50 ounces of fluid a day - thats about 6 - 8 cups of water a day.

your skin will clear up as you won’t be drinking fizzy drinks. also, your muscles and joints will work better and make you have more energy!

4 | skincare

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exfoliating your skin can help get rid of dead skin cells and make your skin smoother. find skincare products that make your skin glowy and bright. using a face mask one a week can benefit your skin as well.

i personally use a face wash from clean and clear as well as toner and a moisturiser!

5 | change out your wardrobe

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find your own style and change out your wardrobe. get inspired and find some new looks for your wardrobe. expressing your own style is creative and unique and you will stand out in a crowd and look amazing! either sell your old clothes or donate them to a charity!

6 | be confident

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confidence is key! keep your head up and don’t let anyone down. with a new look, people will be impressed!

7 | brows, brows, brows

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brows can define your face and make your eyes look more full. by watching a few youtube videos, you can shape your eyebrows to your face shape as well as learn how to fill them in, etc. there are lots of different products you could use: brow pomade, pencil, powder.

for a more fuller brow, use a brow pomade. for a natural/simple look, use brow pencils and brow kits which include powder. any makeup can make you look more awake - all you need is a bit of practice!