hello, you!

first of all, i hope you're having a good day/night uwu and i'm sorry if you're not u-u

but well, let me explain this article.

so just as the title says, you're going to tell me what to listen! yep. just message me a couple of songs, or just one, or an entire album, and i will listen that shit :D of course, i'm going to write my thoughts and my honest opinion about it. this is your opportunite to scream at me those songs you think are underrated and -crearly- show those artists to let them be appreciate ♥

plus, as i said before, i will write my thoughts, which i'll share with y'all in an article, and somehow will be a kind of promotion to your acc too since i'm going to @ the person who recommended me the song/s - album/ep !!!

please don't let me flop, i'm open to listen to any kind of genre and languages are not a barrier for me!!

that's all, once again, DON'T LET ME FLOP PLEASE AAAAAA