You are the air I breathe, the blood running through my veins, the reason why my heart keeps beating.
Original (Italiano): Sei l'aria che respiro, il sangue scorre nelle mie vene, la ragione per cui il mio cuore continua a battere

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There's a moment between a glance and a kiss, where the world stops, for the briefest of times. And the only thing between us is the anticipation of your lips on mine. A moment so intense it hangs in the air, as it pulls us closer. A moment, so perfect, that when it comes to an end, we realize; it's only just beginning.

She craved his quiet dominance, the way he firmly held onto her, the way he kept her close, protected her from herself and the world. Gently guiding her, nudging her, peeling away all of her layers. The way his eyes spoke volumes and his lips stayed silent. The way her wrist rested perfectly in his grip, the way her body became malleable in his hands, pliant. She craved the peace and stillness that he provided within his embrace, the way he eased her mind, filled her heart, painted a permanent smile across her face and soul.

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After all this time, my love for you burns constant and true, my guiding light, my morning star. Time is testament to the relentless, unyielding power of this old, ancient love. A love I will carry with me, from eons to oceans to inches, back to you.
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Thank you Audrey for such a relatable expression

𝒟𝑒𝒶𝓇 𝓈𝑜𝓊𝓁𝓂𝒶𝓉𝑒,

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As much as I try to fight it, I just can't stop the way I feel so intensely for you. After all of these years and every thing we've gone through, it completely amazes and baffles me how just thinking about you still makes my heart skip beats and swell up with so much love that it fills my eyes with tears. I don't know how to let you know or believe how much you truly mean to me, how badly you are needed by my heart, how deeply I long for your company and embrace, and how often thoughts of you take up my mind. I could never understand how someone as beautiful and outgoing and confident and...charming as you are could have fallen for someone like me, let alone befriend me the way you have. But it was something about me that pulled you to me that first time. And for me? seeing you was as if my soul came to life; as if it said, "finally! you found me. I've been waiting." I never met someone who's so much like me in so many ways and who understands me so intricately and intimately as you do. Sometimes it actually annoys the heck out of me *laughs* because I can't ever hide anything with you... you have some ethereal ability to see right through me and to me that just further proves my belief that its our souls who knew each other and loved each other in many, many previous lifetimes before ours. I love you so incredibly much that I'm actually now crying as I'm typing this letter to you.

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so much.

Without you I'm completely lost. Not lost in the sense that I lose my mind or anything, but lost as in I feel incomplete, I feel empty, I feel a vacant space inside my heart that aches from your absence and silence. You know how I never felt like I belonged, not in my family nor in the country we were living in, and yet.. from the first time that I laid my eyes on you I got this overwhelming feeling that I was home, or at least the feeling that I imagine people get when they come home after a long time of being away. And i know you hate this cliché, corny stuff as much as I do *laughs again* but you are home to me; my other half, my missing piece, the love of my life and of all my lives to come. There is no me without you.

Before I met you, I was an incredibly shy, very sensitive girl, always mistaken for being "snobby" or "withdrawn" due to my shyness and the envy other people in my grade had towards me kept me isolated. I always felt so alone, not right, looking for something I didn't know. And then you found me and all of that changed. I mean, *giggles* you got me in SO much trouble! and I used to be such a good student! You brought me right out of my shell and completely changed my life. You let me be me, you helped me be myself as you effortlessly burned down all of those walls that I had built and that prevented me from being the person I always was but never knew. Your personality, way of loving, and your magnetism kept pulling me closer and closer to you. I never thought a memory of myself embarrassingly walking right into a door would become one of my favourite memories *laughs* but it has because its the memory of meeting you.

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I'll never forget the way hearing you say my name for the first time made me feel...

I adore you -- every single piece of you and nothing you say or do will sway me otherwise. I adore you inside out for how you continue to dance through all of your pain and every worry and sorrow that gets thrown your way. I admire how you're filled with so much passion and talent for so many things that it gets you so confused and indecisive at times but I want you to believe how much faith I have in you. You'll find what's meant for you and you will make an incredible difference. You already have, but i also want you to believe me when I say it is not your responsibility to hold up the entire world. You do enough and you are enough. There's nothing that you need to prove or fear. I remember the time when we were young teens so entirely convinced that we were going to take off to California and go to Berkley as soon as we graduated... hence the song Califronia by The Wave being one of our many favourites *laughs*. We still have crazy dreams, don't we? *laughs again* I love that about us. I also love your adventurous dare devil spirit and contagious personality and the way you start screaming at things like spiders and bugs and gross looking things giggles*

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I just adore you.

I also admire how you still find ways to be the light in so many people's dark, even when you're in the dark yourself. I'm enchanted and inspired by the way you care for children and those less fortunate, and how unselfish you can become. You remind me of my Dad that way and its something that I've always strived to be. You always say you admire my bravery and if I let you in on a secret I would say that my bravery comes from you. You, in a sense, saved me from an environment that was suffocating me into being someone I wasn't meant to be and simply, here was the birth of my bravery. I guess it's not a secret anymore is it? But there's the truth: my bravery goes back to you. Everything always goes back to you.

You make me laugh like no other person can. I don't know how you do it but when we're together its like... *laughs* the world stands no chance at bringing us down. You always seem to bring out the lighter spirit in me and I feel so free when I'm with you and yet also so safe and natural. You're my lighthouse when I'm lost out at sea, my safe haven in the storm, and my anchor when I feel I'm sinking. Yes you're a guy and I'm still going to say this and will keep saying this, but you are beautiful. I've always thought so and will continue to think so no matter what you do or think.

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No matter how irrational or impulsive I get, you always take my hand and run with me... (This is one of my favourite gifs for us). ♡♡♡

And then of course...**shakes head and laughs**there's the drama. Somehow you know exactly how to deal with "my drama" and have put up with so much of my "crazy" as if it were something as normal as making me a cup of coffee...*laughs again* and that? That's something I don't think anyone else will be able to do or understand on the same level as you do. You don't leave me alone even when I tell you to go, you know I want you to stay; when I say I don't want to talk about it, you pry and pry until I do talk about it because you know I really do want to talk about it; When I say "its whatever, i don't care" you know I'm not actually brushing something off and really do care. When I say right you know I want left (is it just me or did your mind begin playing what do you mean by Justin Bieber too? *laughs*). You get me. You're fluent in speaking my language. Its as simple and as rare as that.

You've always been an angel to me and I know you don't see yourself in good light like that despite the exterior image you project, but that's all just the bullshit talk of your fears and insecurities. You are full of goodness. You have a heart that can care immensely about people you don't even know and one that can feel so deeply about situations and towards people, even if you don't always admit to your feelings. You have a spirit that effortlessly heals the sadness and pain right out of people and a mind so beautifully intricate that I hope I get to spend the rest of my days unravelling every piece of it. You are simply indescribable, which is why I always seem to have a very difficult time expressing myself about you; no words ever seem worthy enough of what and who you are, not just to me but to the person you are in general as well.

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I know this may be pretty forward, but its nothing that I haven't said to you before, so here it goes:

You're the one person who I want to spend the rest of my days with. If I could only choose one person, it'll always and forever be you. I don't even have to think twice about it, and usually I'm a very indecisive person (as you know!). But that's just the thing that it boils down to... no one, and i mean nobody, can compare to you. No one. No matter how much I try to fight how I feel about you, how hard I try to shoot it down and say "we're just friends," I only end up living the biggest lie of my life. No one can come above you. Through the good and the bad, moments of heartbreak felt so intensely, and times of heated frustration and saying things that we don't mean, you're still the one and the only one for me. I'm done with fighting it, and I'm done with hiding it. I know you may not be ready and its absolutely in every way normal and okay to be scared, because yes I'm even scared too, but I still have to let you know that I'm now and forever committed to you. Although I don't feel pretty enough or good enough for someone like you, and whether if it takes a month, two years, or a lifetime, I'll be waiting for you.

And if or when you are ready at last, it's then that I know we both will be finally home.

I love you with every fibre of my body and soul. You took all of my confusion and pain and turned it to faith. You are everything to me, forever and always.

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"No one compares, could ever begin to love me like you do. And I wouldn't want them to."

"When I couldn't stand, you lifted me."

"You will never be alone, I'll be with you from dusk til dawn. I will hold you when things go wrong... I'm right here."

With so much love,
~ N

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I love moments like this with you. When you're happy, its everything to me.
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I love that you never want me to go (another of my favourite gifs for us).
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“Where words fail, music speaks.”

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His number 1 song that he sings to me *laughs*
Princesa by Rio Roma and CNCO
Video Below:

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A song of the pop world right now that instantly made me think of him:

Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons
Lyric Video Below:

Another song that reminds me of him:

Hold on to Your Heart by The XCERTS
Video Below (probably my favourite song to exist):

A song for him from me:

Everything by Lifehouse
Lyric Video Below:

A song he likes that makes him think of me:

Empty Space by James Arthur
Video Below:

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You fill my empty space too, tesoro.

A song he once played and sang to me in public:

Nothing Really Matters by Mr. Probz
Video below:

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*laughs through the tears*

But lastly, a musical message from me to him:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Video Below:

"The day we met,
Frozen I held my breath
Right from the start
I knew that I'd found a home for my heart
Beats fast
Colors and promises..."

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♡ "Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more" ♡


1. Dusk til Dawn by Zayn, Sia
2. Halo by Beyonce
3. Give me love by Ed Sheeran
4. If I lose myself by One Republic
5. Nobody by Selena Gomez
6. You and me by Lifehouse
7. Mi Medicina by CNCO
8. Hold onto your heart by The XCERTS
9. Barcelona by Ed Sheeran
10. California by Wave
11. Classic by The Knocks, Fetty Wap, POWER
12. I don't dance (without you) by Matoma, Enrique Igelsias
13. I'm only me when I'm with you by Taylor Swift
14. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
15. Home by Chelsea Lankes
16. How I Want Ya by Hudson Thames, Hailee Steinfeld
17. Hablame Bajito by Abraham Mateo
18. Faded (Restrung) by Alan Walker
19. I need you by Armin van Buuren
20. Last Forever by The Naked and Famous
21. Sorry by Justin Bieber
22. Llegaste Tú by CNCO, Prince Royce
23. Cake by the Ocean by DNCE
24. Friends by Justin Bieber, BloodPop
25. Suena El Dembow by Joey Montana, Sebastian Yatra
26. A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay
27. Lights down low by MAX
28. Fearless by Taylor Swift
29. Forgiveness by Sam Feldt, Joe Cleere
30. Paperstars by West Coast Massive, Cappa
31. Closer by Made in LA
32. Start a Riot by BANNERS
33. Wild Ones by Flo Rida, Sia
34. Forever by Chris Brown
35. Over my head (cable car) by The Fray
36. Back to you by Selena Gomez
37. Shake it by Metro Station
39. Kids by One Republic
40. Nobody Compares to You by Gryffin, Katie Pearlman

Bonus: Make Me... by Britney Spears *laughs*
EXTRA BONUS: Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding *laughs harder*


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I want to spend forever laughing with you, loving you endlessly. Ti voglio tanto bene, sempre e per sempre. Tu sei la mia anima.
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"The rest of the world was black and white..."

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"...but we were in screaming colour."
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"In that moment, the moon and the sun shared the sky. For all of eternity, the moon and sun have chased each other around the world. Long into the future, they will continue this chase, merging the days into months into years into centuries, until the day the sun cannot take the separation any longer and she shatters, engulfing the moon and everything else in a burst of light. Most will call it the day of final judgment. The end. To the sun and the moon, it will only be the beginning.

For the smallest of instants each day, they pause in this chase. They pause and look back at one another, smiling as if sharing a secret. Two lovers that can never exist as one, except in that single, brief instant. Lying there, Persephone smiled too. And as quickly as a smile parts two lips, the two sky wanderers parted ways. The chase was on again. Night gave way to day.”

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"That is true love, she had always thought. No force but love can impel one to step willingly into the shadows so that the other may shine."
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P.S. Thank you for making my first time in Barcelona 1000000 x more magical, so many moments I won't ever forget.

𝒲𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓂𝓎 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒,