It's a poem for someone whom I was in a "down to the bones" love with.
But he didn't stay. He found someone better and I hope he's happy.
But I am still not. Read on...

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Wanted you to hold me in the clutches of your arm,
Wanted you to hold me tighter till the winters get warm,
Wanted you to love me till the sky comes down,
Baby loving me like the thunder and the storm.
Wanted you to feel all by my side,
Drinking rum while a dark horse ride,
Watching you hold my hand so nice,
Feeling the nights gettin' up so wide.
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Then one day you found your perfect love,
She's prettier than me and white as a dove,
Maybe I lacked the charm that she owns,
And for that now my prayers just moan.
Now you hold her hand in front my eyes,
Talk to her and walk endless miles,
You smile and she smiles back too,
I hope you know that I did that too.
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And then you left me on the cold hard ground,
With memories and a permanent wound,
I still wonder why our world turned around,
That you don't care that for me it's a hound.
And now these flashbacks of our memories,
Go to and fro by my eyes in sleep,
Can't really know what just took us so wrong,
Was i so much worse that you moved easily?
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I swear it really hurts deep within,
Maybe my tears have dried due to hidin',
All these messed up thoughts ache my chest,
I don't know if I'm living or surviving.
You cross my streets almost every day,
And it makes me so hollow just like a gay,
God knows if I've ever waited so patiently,
But deep within I know it'll forever stay.
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Hope you've liked this little piece
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