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Hi beautiful people and lovey heaters "HAPPY NOVEMBER" I hope you all are doing good.This is my very first post with a a little help from my friend.Hope you'll appreciate it.

IN this post I thought to explain two words "Beauty" & "Beautiful" which are mistaken for something totally different in today's era.

The meaning of the word 'Beautiful' is completely flawed in today's era.I know its absolutely cliche saying beauty is by the heart and not by the face.That internal beauty matters more than external beauty and honestly speaking I can't disagree to these thoughts.They are cent percent the truth in every possible way.

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Beautiful does not mean 'The first time he saw her,damn he could not take his eyes off her'.It means 'The first time he stared his tangled thoughts,on which everyone would laugh out,she understood and felt it deeply'.

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Beautiful does not mean 'She has a perfect body' it mean 'No matter how fat or thin she gets,his way of looking at her will be the same as the great Gatsby'.Beautiful is not 'A good picture day'.It is feeling relaxed and beautiful in your own skin.Beautiful is not a 'Good hair day'.It is to feel like Rapunzel every morning.

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Beautiful is not getting a perfect selfie with the first click.It is by accepting every selfie to be worth posting.Beautiful is mot wearing western clothes only.It is by considering yourself among the prettiest even when your eyes are the only visible part.Beautiful is not when you score hundred plus likes and comments on your pictures.It is when others genuinely speak about your inner beauty.Beautiful is not putting sassy captions about yourself to bring other girls down it is to never put up such words that could give some other girls second thoughts about their beauty.

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Beautiful is not giving yourself superiority over others because of the wealth He has granted you with.It is to be humble and never let wealth describe your personality.Beautiful is not phrasing other girls in your captions as 'hoes'/'bitches'.It is to honor them with respect so you can achieve some in return.Beautiful is not wearing tons of makes when you are just heading up to a mall.It is to get a bit organised and your face has the natural glow.Beautiful is not hiding behind filters.It is of how you look naturally behind the camera.

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Thank you so much for reading! It means the world to me! And I hope it helped you too...and a small reminder You are PRETTY,FLAWLESS,BEAUTIFUL in your own SKIN and just the way YOU are.