I am someone who finds it very important to get enough sleep. Because if I sleep less than 8 hours, I immediately feel like a zombie. And when I sleep a lot less than 8 hours a night, I'm just plain grumpy. And I do not want to do that to my colleagues, friend and other people I love.

Of course, the number of hours of sleep per person varies: you can have enough to spend 6 hours horizontally in your bed, while other people may have to spend a lot more hours in dreamland. However, scientists have determined that adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, although 6 and 10 hours are outliers. But lately I have noticed that I am still tired when, according to the scientists, I have slept "enough". And I'm not the only one with that problem.

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Why am I still tired after 8 hours of sleep?

1. You do not move enough.

You can be mentally tired, but physically you may not yet. Nowadays we almost all have a sitting job or school (raise your hand) and that means that we do not move for much of the day. How does this affect your sleep? You have not used all the energy needed for a good night's rest that day. A brisk walk in your lunch break can do wonders. Oops, I am in any case very guilty of this.

2. You drink too little.

Alright so I'm not talking about wine, but about good old water. Do you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day? Coffee does not count - on the contrary, it is correct. This is not so much related to sleep quality, but if your body dries out you will suffer from an energy dip. And that may be the reason that you feel so tired during the day. Despite having dreamed about Ryan Gosling for hours.

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3. You're late in the shower

Your body temperature cools down a little in the evening, to prepare you for a good night's sleep. If you take a warm shower or a hot bath just before bedtime, it may be that you warm up your body again. If you are a big fan of evening showering, the best option is to make sure you step out of the shower one hour before bedtime.

4. You're eating before bedtime.

I love it when I watch netflix and eat some little snacks, but beware: if you eat the "wrong" things this can affect your sleep quality again. According to the National Sleep Foundation, salty snacks can activate your brain again, which can cause nightmares and a restless night. Snacks like half a banana or a handful of almonds will just relax and you will sleep better.

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