Melanie is one of my biggest inspiration with Halsey. I really miss her on Instagram. She deserves to be happy ! Anyway, today new facts ! Hope you'll like it !

  • Melanie was born in Baldwin, New York on April 28, 1995. She's of Puerto Rican and Dominican decent but she doesn't speak fluent spanish.
  • Her grandmother is the one who pushed her to sing, and Mel went on to explore her musical endeavors by posting covers and original content on YouTube.
  • In 2012, Melanie's creative spin on Britney Spears's classic hit "Toxic" landed her a spot on Team Adam. After a while, she was voted off the show.
  • "Dollhouse" was the first song written for the crybaby album, which was released on 14 of August, 2015.
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  • She directs her own music videos, which have a lot of views on YouTube.
  • She's able to write songs when she's upset or mad because it helps her to release her feelings. It's difficult for her to write songs when she's happy.
  • Her song "Carousel"" was used in the extended trailer for FX's American Horror Story : Freak Show.
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  • She has more than 25 tattoos.
  • Melanie collects vintage toys and stuffed animals.
  • Her middle name is Adele.
  • She has been known to perform without shoes. And whenever she's wearing shoes, she never ties them.
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Melanie is an amazing person, kind, cute ! I really love her ! Cry Baby forever !

~ Manon ~