Why do I think so much about you?
It's not like you're my obsession, but I do care a lot.
Does the though of me ever cross your mind?
Do you even remeber my face?
What's gonna happen when we see each other again?
It's been months since I saw you for the last time, and now I'm scared of getting used to your face again.
Am I going back to my feelings for you?
It was a struggle crushing on you for so long, and it still is a pian in the ass, to be honest. I don't wanna be stuck forever in this vicious cyrcle, but I miss your face.
I miss the way you look at me stealthily. Your eyes have always been heavy on my skin, and still, I have never responded to your quick glances in fear of you taking these away from me.
What keeps me hoping?
What's holding you so close to my chest?
Maybe I'm just bored.
I'd rahter be sleeping.