Hey everybody!
How are you doing? In case you have not seen it I've just done an article. Check that out, if you want to.

So, today I thought I'd let you guys in a bit in my life. I will write down here, what I'm planning to accomplish this wonderful Sunday,

  • Write two articles on We Heart it(I think this doesn't require any explanations.
  • Study English and French words
Image by mgr sex and the city, Carrie Bradshaw, and french image
I'm a language major, so I always have new words to memorize in English and French too.
  • Prepare for my Mathematics test
calculator, college, and equations image Temporarily removed
Only 3 days ago, I wrote one with a 100 % so I hope this one will be as good as that.
  • Study History and Literature
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I really love both subjects and I have a few notes to study this afternoon.
  • Read the book that was assigned to me.
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Next year I'll study Literature much more hours because I want to do my end-of-school exams in a higher level in Literature. And that requires reading a lot of books.
  • Wash my hair(Just a simple task to do at the end of the day to feel freshened up and cleaned.)

That was all. I hope you liked it.
I'll post a new article tomorrow,
Kisses and Bye,