DAY 6: Five ways to win your heart.

Hello, one's again I'm back. I'm not going to explain why I was gone, because let's just go right to the point :D

Okay, so I have never been in love, I guess, so I don't know exactly what someone has to do to win my heart or attention, but I will try my best.

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1. Making me laugh: Personally I try to be optimistic and I always seem pretty happy and I try to make other laugh, so I need someone who is not affraid to say a joke and tease a bit. You are one step closer if you really can make me smile from one cheeck to other. ;)

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2. Be kind: he should not forget to forgive and to help others if can. Sometimes we get all caught up in the idea of a bad boy. Even tho it may be attractive inside he must have a good heart and be supportive not just for me but also to others.

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3. Don't be affraid: I used to often think about other people opinions about me. But now it all changed so I need someone who also isn't afraid to be silly, dance and just mess around. It's fun, we are young and it's time to live the best lives we can.

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4. Hard working: Well, that someone I am talking about should also don't forget his passions and his goals. I want him to try to reach the best things and his desires. I am also pretty hard working girl so I couldn't be a long time with someone who doesn't give a pickle about his future.

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5. Adventurous: someone, who is going to take me anytime for a trip together or just a simple date. Someone who is not afraid of taking the first step and showing his feelings, Someone who isn't afraid to show what he wants and fight for it.

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So yeah, here you have. 5 ways to win my heart. Well I gave you features of a person, I guess, not those ways, but that what attracts me so that way you can steal my heart :D

Anyway, have a good day, smile and wokr hard towards your dreams ;))