Heyy everyone, I'm looking for my internet friend. I hope I will finally find someone

I want a real conversation, so we can just talk about us, our families, friends, school and what happened to us that day.

I don't care where you are from, your sexuality or your gender
Please be around 14-19 years old


- my name is Barbara
- I'm 16
- I live in Europe so it would be better if you live here too because of time zones but i'm pretty sure we can make it even if you live somewhere else


- music. I listen to music 24/7. My favorites are 1D (miss them so much), JB, The Vamps, NHC, WDW, Prettymuch, Jack & Jack, Shawn, Ed, Anne-Marie, Ariana, p!atd

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- reading. I just finished after and omg i can't wait for the movie

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- writing. I love writing it's something that you actually can express yourself and I used to write on wattpad.

- traveling is something that makes me so happy. I love to learn about new culture and to be honest I wish I can travel when I'm older

- watching movies and shows. My favorites are teen wolf, the end of the f***ing world, sabrina, impulse, you, skam, stranger things, the carrie diaries

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I already can't wait to hear from you

Barbara ♥