Hey guys! Welcome to my third article - I hope you love it!

Here are the songs that I've been loving recently, from letters A to F. I hope you feel inspired to check out some new songs and find some songs that instantly become your favourite! The songs that I've listed range from R&B, rap and hip hop, to pop and alternative/indie so I hope that there's something for everyone!

Letter A
Arguments by DDG
Genre - Pop
Favourite Lyrics - "You asked am I alright and I really don't know // You said I can be replaced, baby that's a low blow"
Listen to if you're feeling - Angry/Reminiscent

A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope 🌊
Genre - Pop
Favourite Lyrics - "It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert // But I'm holding you closer than most // 'Cause you are my heaven"
Listen to if you're feeling - In Love

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Letter B
Be Alright by Dean Lewis
Genre - Pop
Favourite Lyrics - "They can't steal // The love you're born to find"
Listen to if you're feeling - Heartbroken

Letter C 💔
Genre - Ballad
Favourite Lyrics - "My heart can't take this damage // And the way I feel, I can't stand it"
Listen to if you're feeling - Tired/Sad

Chasing Fire by Lauv 🔥
Genre - Pop
Favourite Lyrics - "I wanna hate you 'cause I still love you // And it's weighing on my chest // We keep our bodies tied together // To ignore what's coming next"
Listen to if you're feeling - Confused/Angry/In Love

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Chemicals by Dean Lewis
Genre - Alternative/Indie
Favourite Lyrics - "This feeling surely cannot last // So I took it away"
Listen to if you're feeling - Alone/Unsure

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Letter D 💎
Do You Mind by DJ Khaled feat Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown
Genre - Contemporary R&B
Favourite Lyrics - "I want a dude that'll still kiss me when he mad"
Listen to if you're feeling - Happy/Chilled/Crushing

Don't by Bryson Tiller
Genre - R&B/Soul
Favourite Lyrics - "Looking at you I think he must be tripping // Play this song for him tell him just listen"
Listen to if you're feeling - Frustrated

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drugs by EDEN
Genre - Alternative/Indie
Favourite Lyrics - "Cause I'm a fucking mess sometimes // But I could still always be // Whatever you wanted"
Listen to if you're feeling - In Love

Letter E 🔝
Elevate by Drake
Genre - Hip Hop/Rap
Favourite Lyrics - "Only obligation is to tell it straight // So much on my plate I gotta delegate"
Listen to if you're feeling - Powerful

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Entertainer by ZAYN
Genre - Pop
Favourite Lyrics - "Don't you take me for a fool / In this game, I own the rules"
Listen to if you're feeling - Angry/Powerful

Letter F ⌛️
First Time by Elliott Trent
Genre - R&B/Soul
Favourite Lyrics - "Bending the rules to make sure my empire straight"
Listen to if you're feeling - In Love

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