✿ euphoria

beige, bangtan, and jungkook image euphoria, jin, and kpop image euphoria, jin, and kpop image beige, euphoria, and kpop image
by BTS. Specifically, sung by Jungkook, the youngest member of bts (and my bias) This is one of my most favorite songs just because of the vibe it gives and the meaningful lyrics (also the fact that my bias sang it SKSK). I could name so much more songs by bts that make me happy. Genre: kpop, edm

✿ i like me better

aesthetic, blue, and Lyrics image music and lauv image lauv image heartbreak, Lyrics, and quotes image
by Lauv. This is the first song I've heard from Lauv (probably as well as most people) and it was super catchy. I really love the instrumentals in this edm bop. The song makes me want to go on a road trip with all my friends and just explore the world idk.

✿ mine

beige, mine, and Nude image bazzi and mine image bazzi, cosmic, and sunflower image alternative, angel, and beautiful image
by Bazzi. If you use the internet a lot, you probably know about how this song is a meme. My favorite parts of the song are "you so f***ing precious when you smile" and "I'm so f***ing happy you're alive" cuz sometimes you just need to hear these words to lift yourself up.

✿ breathin

aesthetic, anxiety, and black and white image Temporarily removed ariana grande and sweetener image girl, lyric, and music image
by Ariana Grande. A song about anxiety and trying to overcome it. Having anxiety is basically being super super worried or uneasy about something; kind of like panicking. Not a good feeling at all. This song helps me "take a deep breath". Also, vocals are stunning, as always, for our pop queen. Remember to just keep breathin.

✿ Fancy

Image by Bon Endroit
by Twice. Something about this song makes me want to get up and dance. It has a unique "happy" vibe I can't explain it. I knew twice for a long time but this song made me stan.

✿ Shine

cube, cute, and pentagon image cube, cute, and pentagon image
by Pentagon. Another kpop song that cheers me up a lot. Like fancy, it's hard not to bop along to this song. I feel like these two songs are similar because of the cheery vibe and the fact that they both are about liking someone.