Hi everyone!! i'm not too new at this, i've had this app for a little over two years now. i've always wanted to post articles on here but i never knew how LOL. but i now i know so hopefully i'll be posting a lot soon! I did post my first article yesterday, but today i'll be posting the get to know me tag. This is the article that i'm getting the questions from lolol.

q: What's your name?
Atzallana i kinda hate it but it sounds really Mexican so i dig that. you have to basically pronounce the double L's as if it were a y

q: When was the last time you cried?
earlier today because i got into an argument with my mom :(( it wasn't fun 10/10 do not recommend

q: Three fears?
1) never being satisfied with who i am 2)my mental health if someone close to me passes 2) spiders they give me the heebie jeebies

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q: If you were another person, would you be friend of yourself?
ummmm... i'd hope so but maybe i feel like we'd either hate each other or love each other

q: My best friend
my madre but other than her this girl named christine she's the best and the worst but i love her UWU

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q: What is the first thing you notice about a person
how they react to eye contact

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q: what color are your eyes?
caca brown

q: scary movies or happy ending?

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q: What color underwear i'm wearing right now?
the color non of your business...pink.

q: How many tattoos/piercings do you have?
i HAD but will re-pierce my nose and i have my firsts on my ears but i want my seconds,no tats

q: Do you have any special talents?
i can touch my nose with my tongue...

q; How do you feel right now?
i'm kinda chillin kinda not, I'm eating ramen though so i'd say life is going pretty well

q: What are your hobbies?
READING, listening to random music, eating as well as drinking boba, ice coffee or anything sugary and hanging with people i love

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q: What's your current relationship status?
single but i'm ready to be cuffed guyzzz

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q: Meaning behind your username?
bibi is this character in a Mexican show called "La Familia Peluche" it's a inside joke with my family

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q: Favorite movie?
Coraliiiine ahhhhh best movie made ever!!!!!!

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q: Favorite song?
linda honey listen, i can't pick one okay i'm sorry

q: How tall are you?

q: Things that upset me
not having food available at all times, ignorant people

q: Things that make me happy
my family being together, being with my friends, watching idols breath

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q: What you find attractive in other people
pretty smile, passionate, confident, good personality

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q: Someone you miss
my besties and middle school in general

q: Someone you love
mi familia, mis amigos, my cat, and bts

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q: Favorite holiday
christmas omfggg jingle bell rock on you bitches

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q: Favorite youtubers?
shane dawson, conan gray, elleofthemills, edward avila, heyitsfeii

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q:someone famous you would date?
guy//conan, park jimin, trole sivan,timothee chalamet, hyunjin girl// jiminxjamie, hayley kiyoko,brenna d'amico, lauren juaregui

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q: A confession
i think i'm not attracted guys like at all

q: Describe your fashion sense
low-key whatever i pickup last minute but if i wanna look cute i try to go for either that cute vintage/hippie + 90's baby + skater boy comfy kinda vibe

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q: Things that annoy you
people lying or hiding their feelings from me

q: Favorite quote
i have a loot but literally anything out of "call me by your name"

All that is all thanks! see ya next time ;))