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so I am back again with a sensitive topic. Thank you for sharing your stories with me! glad to know that you are not alone. Again, if you want to talk my DMS is open please do not be afraid. You are beautiful and you are loved. I would like to add that this could be a TRIGGER for some of you.

It feels like drowning, it feels like the sky is falling and you cannot do anything about it. How do you explain this feeling without sounding insane? "I am okay" I lie consistently but who will tell it feels like dying?
God knows I have suffered through sleepless nights, overthinking the smallest thing. I stopped doing the things I loved, I stopped living.

Try to put yourself in my shoes, let us see how long you will survive through this suffering and when will you give in when you can't breathe? will you still call it a game or help me through it?

"Why don't you tell me what's wrong?" I told you, I trusted you but you thought my anxiety was an excuse. What if I told you living is rather hard with it but it's there running through my veins with blood. I know I can't control it but I wish you could understand what it feels like to be me.