name: Park Jisoo
stage name: Ji
birthday: 09.14.1995
birthplace: usa but has been in Korea since she was 9

group name: glass dolls
members: 5
position: lead raper and main dancer
company: yg entertainment

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appearance: brown hair, and she’s quite short

she’s quite outgoing and likes to get what she wants


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she really likes to be comfortable

instagram feed:

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it’s a white/pink theme based around things she likes

debut album:

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glass slipper |01. gold|02. glass|03. angel|04. heaven| 05. red roses|06. thorns|

title track:

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red roses

idol friends:

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Bobby (ikon), Jimin (bts), Lisa (blackpink), e’dawn


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everyone who knows about her and amber are very supportive

ty everyone who read this article. im going to be doing other members so pls stick around