day 1
list 10 things that make you happy :)

Image removed fashion, red, and friends image
1. friends
aesthetic, alternative, and carefree image book, aesthetic, and grunge image
2. writing
football player, girl, and soccer image 18, blues, and Chelsea image
3. soccer
winter, city, and snow image forest, mountains, and switzerland image
4. christmas time
song, music, and andy warhol image pink, aesthetic, and music image
5. finding new music
study, blue, and inspo image brain, college, and doctor image
6. learning about social sciences (?, anthro, psych, etc?)
dog, animal, and puppy image Temporarily removed
7. dogs
friends, Joey, and ross image white, aesthetic, and bed image
8. sleeping
how to get, htgawm, and away with murder image Temporarily removed
9. tv shows
aesthetics, face, and fruit image Temporarily removed
10.face masks

thats it i guess? never wrote an aritcle before so theres that

have a good night/day/evening/life yall